Guide To A Happy And Meaningful Life

Everyone wants to live happily and enjoy their life fully, but with the growing competition and dynamic life of today’s world make it hard to achieve. In this busy life we have forgotten many small things which make us feel happy and fresh. The consequences of this is that most of us are stressed up giving rise to many life threatening diseases. The secret of being happy is simple, just be content what we have this will give peace of mind and tranquility to your heart. Apart from happy life we also need to make our life meaningful too. A life without any purpose can not be a happy life no matter how much ease and enjoyment is in our life. Fulfilling our needs may increase happiness but this happiness is short lived. Happiness is largely present oriented, whereas meaningfulness
involves integrating past, present, and future.
Happy Life
If we look to the present world, we will find most of the people are unhappy and depressed for various reasons. There is poverty, corruption, hatred and war going on many parts of the world. If someone want to be happy, then one should understand that everyone has been given a capability where he or she can switch from a sad mood to happy mood. If there is a determination then a person with some efforts can live a happy life. You may be in the most miserable situation, yet you can live happily if you are content with whatever you have and hope for the better. But just being happy is not a worth while ambition, you also need to make your life meaningful, a life that helps everyone in this world.